Specialist in auto electrical systems

Ja-Tools Ja-Elektro Oy has more than forty years of experience in the import and wholesale of auto electrical spare parts. Other important product lines include components for the diesel, air conditioning and heating systems of vehicles, as well as hand tools and service vehicle racking systems.

The company is based in Tampere, Finland. Regional wholesale warehouses are located in Vantaa and Turku.

Ja-Online – electronic marketplace

Customers are also served by our latest “office”: Ja-Online – our electronic marketplace. Ja-Online is always open.

At Ja-Online, you can find product catalogues, product images, prices and discount codes, as well as the stock situations in Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. Ja-Online enables you to order products and receive delivery confirmations, and it can be integrated with the AutoFutur system.

Our customers include auto electrical repair shops and spare parts retailers in Finland and other countries. Our extensive and competitive product lines are enabled by more than four hundred suppliers around the world.

Our skilled and motivated staff invest in serving customers and strive to promote their success.